Vehicle Remapping advantages:

  • Increase Performance
  • Reduce Fuel consumption
  • Optimise the Engine Torque

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DPF solutions

Service of Diesel
Particle Filter will
transform performance.

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 Automotive Dyno 

The Dynapack hub dyno provides us with the most advanced chassis dyno of its kind for development and testing.

There are some major benefits when compared to a rolling road such as improved accuracy and safety for both the car

and operator. Accuracy is similar to using an engine dyno with variables such as tyre size/ pressure and the need for

strapping the car down removed completely by the the way the hubs bolt directly to the hubs with the wheels removed.

Our dyno is rated at 3000Nm at the Hubs or approx 1500bhp and is water cooled for continual steady state mapping.

We can test all 2WD vehicles and all modern 4WD electronic transfer systems such as Porsche, Golf R, R32 etc. 

Power runs are £50 inclusive for three back to back runs with AFR , Knock voltage and boost traces where applicable.



Motorbike Dyno

The Dynojet 250i motorcycle dyno allows for steady state mapping and power runs on Outputs up to 750bhp.

We continue to expand Our range of remaps using the stock bike ecu.

Power commander remapping etc. also available with power runs from £40 inclusive

Bike custom ecu remaps from £200+vat