Vehicle Remapping advantages:

  • Increase Performance
  • Reduce Fuel consumption
  • Optimise the Engine Torque

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Remapping / chiptuning


  • Stage 1: Reprogramming

    The Stage 1 Remap consists of individual reprogramming of the engine management system of the vehicle, with the engine optimised parameters (ignition, injection,boost.) custom developed on our hub dyno. All values ​​of the stock safety parameters remain at this stage within manufacturer prescribed safety standards. This stage 1 is 100% reliable, typically more fuel efficent and provides transformed performance.We provide dyno sheets with all our upgrades to prove their validity and quality.
  • Stage 2: Reprogramming and optimization of inlet and Exhaust

    For those who want something more than the stage 1, we have a stage 2 custom remap which builds on the stage 1  by addition of upgraded exhaust and or inlet. Typically in a Diesel vehicle a stage 2 upgrade will include a modified exhaust, On a Petrol vehicle a stage 2 upgrade will be mainly a full upgrade exhaust or cat back system and modified intake.
  • Stage 3: Upgraded Turbo and Engine Components

    In stage 3 we go one step further, we change vital parts of the engine such as turbocharger or camshafts and rods and pistons, fuel pump etc.. Some upgraded components are required to ensure reliability whilst others such as larger turbo are required to acheive the larger power outputs. Manufacturers often make one basic block and by using a larger turbo and injectors etc. they produce two different power versions. With the stage 3 Kits generally an increase of an average of 100bhp extra over the standard vehicle is acheived, although some of our Kits such as Porsche Turbo and RS6 upgrade Kits produce over 300bhp extra.